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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Re-commissioning of the greenhouse!

If there's one job I dread at this time of year it's clearing out the main greenhouse in readiness for the new season.  It always takes me far longer than I anticipate but as a plus means I usually find 'lost' items, such as my new secateurs which I mislaid last autumn.  With tomatoes, chillies and cucumber plants at, or approaching, the time when they need to go into their final containers, it's a job that really couldn't wait any longer.  As far as my indoor crop of tomatoes are concerned, this is Gro-Bags.

My preference is for the larger Giant Tomato Planters from Levingtons, which have the benefit of holding around twice as much growing medium as standard bags.  This year, I'm growing 'Dometica' which, after trialing it last year, seems to have more flavour than 'Cedrico', but still delivering the quality I want for my local show.  My plants are a bit on the small side this year, but they'll soon catch up.

As in previous years, I'm only growing 2 plants per bag in bottomless pots fitted into the Gro-bags.  Between the plants, I fit smaller bottomless pots which act as watering points.  This allows all the water/fertiliser to get straight to the roots and ensures that the compost remains moist at all times.  Using this method has definitely contributed to the better crops I've had over recent years.

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