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Monday, 20 January 2014

And sow it came to pass............

Other than a small batch of Kelsae onion seed that I sowed at Christmas, today was bulk sowing day of both onions and the first batch of chillies.

For the kitchen, and hopefully my local show, I've returned to 'Toughball' which I first tried in 2012 with success.  I've also sown the remainder of last years 'Vento' seed which has also been successful for me in past years.  Although I habitually sow my onions direct into modules, with both of these I've sown in small trays with a view to transplanting into modules when they reach the 'crook' stage, probably in about 10-14 days.  They now reside in one of my heated propagators.

By way of a change, I also sowed a tray of a large, white onion, 'Tonda Musona' which I got from T&M.  They're billed as, 'stunning, large, rounded, white-skinned bulbs with crisp white flesh.', and 'well suited to storing'.  Should be interesting.

I've sown just 2 just varieties of chilli so far as we seem to have rather a lot in the freezer just now.  Some years ago, I discovered 'Serrano' which is a really tasty and quite hot variety, and I thought I'd try them again.  I also sowed a batch of 'Ring of Fire' which is a good, reliable early variety which seems to produce prolifically whatever the summer weather.  I may sow another variety yet, but I'm inclined to think that 4 or 5 plants of what's gone in today will likely be ample for this year.

The photo above sows my kit form growing chamber which I resurrect each year.  It's very basic, but it works to a degree and suits my needs.  On the right are the best 22 Kelsae seedlings that have been potted on today.  If I end up with 12-15 good size bulbs I'll be happy.

Ah, yes.  Nearly forgot to report that my Christmas planted Hative de Niort shallots are coming along fine in the cold greenhouse and have today been joined by a measly 7 bulbs of 'Ouddorpse Bruine' from Plants of Distinction.  Unfortunately, I won't be dealing with this company again unless they can persuade me that their customer service department actually exists.  3 emails has failed to produced any response and their phone is always on answerphone and messages ignored.  They appear to use and separate company to deal with their ordering procedure who are equally disinterested.  Bye, bye Plants of Distinction.


  1. Nice to see you back in action
    The Ring of Fire, does it do what it says on the tin ? and gives a ring of fire ?
    I finally sowed the ones you sent me previously and I'm looking forward to them

  2. Certainly not Plants of Distinction! Will avoid them. Need to get some chillies on the go myself - Joe's Long and Fatalii.